Tuesday, September 5, 2017

10 Brand Perfume Refill Women the Most Fragrant, Fresh and Long Lasting (Guaranteed Will addictive)!

Have you ever wanted to buy perfume refill but do not know the perfume brand that smells good ?? Have you ever bought a refill perfume but it does not reflect your personality at all? Have you ever bought perfume refill and unfortunately you do not like the fragrance that is less delicious ?? And finally you donate to the right to receive it (hehe friends mean) ...

That's what I experienced when I was in college. I used to have no idea what the function of perfume was. Perfume is an aromatherapy fragrance that helps refresh the body and make the body becomes more fragrant. Sometimes a lot of work requires us to have a neat and fresh appearance. Imagine if you have an office friend who has an unpleasant smell aka body odor, whether you can linger to be near him? or are you comfortable with the smell ??

There are several reasons women and men use perfume, like my friend who works to be a car salesman, he is required to have clothes and a neat appearance. In addition, he is required to remain fragrant and fresh when working, so that the usual customers he offers to buy a comfortable car is located nearby. Imagine if we become a car salesman and often meet with important people or officials who will buy a car with such an expensive price, and when we are presenting, he is not comfortable to be around us ??

Do not let you be shunned because of it. Therefore, most of the women and men who want to look more riveting, he often bought the original perfume that the price is so high.

I used to do the same thing, but when a friend gave feedback that the price of refill perfume cheaper than the original perfume, but the quality is almost the same, I finally decided to buy a refill perfume that has a good perfume seeds. If there is a cheap, why should choose an expensive ??

Of the many perfumes I have ever used, there are several brands of refill perfume
 which I like very much, and you too will like the fresh and durable fragrance.

10 Most Woman Perfume and Fresh and Long Lasting Brands

  1. D & G Light Blue (very recommended, fresh, never bored ever kiss this one perfume)
  2. Anna Sui Dolly Girl (recommended, depending on favorite)
  3. Maria Sharapova (recommended)
  4. Incanto Shine (recommended, kinda soft how so)
  5. Aigner Too Feminine (recommended, kinda strong bit so durable fragrance)
  6. Bvlgari Omnia (women-ly, hehe wanginya kinda guy but very fast)
  7. Paris Hilton (this fragrant soft and calm, perfect for the graceful)
  8. Acqua Di Gio For Women (very fragrant, for strong fragrance)
  9. Escada Sexy Graffiti (the aroma is fresh, especially when it is dry)
  10. Clinique Happy (fresh fresher)

Written above is a brand of perfume that I really like, there are even some fragrance like fragrance vanilla, citrus scent, even a very soft fragrance. It all depends on our personality. Choose the most delicious perfume fragrance and not make other people or our own kiss to kiss. Choose the appropriate perfume.
As for some of the people less like the perfume that I like. For example I really like the perfume Anna Sui Dolly Girl because the fragrance is calm, but my mama always say do not wear the perfume because it is less nice said. In fact there is something I think is good but rarely I use like D & G Light Blue, my mama always recommend the perfume to refill again.

Among the 10 most perfumed, fresh and durable fragrance brands, there are three most recomended brands of perfume in my opinion, the first being D & G Light Blue, the second being Maria Shara Pova, and the third being Anna Sui Dolly Girl. The fragrance between Anna Sui and Escada Sexy Graffiti is equally fragrant, but the fragrance will change after a few hours of usage. Fragrance Anna Sui Dolly Girl rarely use it, so many are also wondering what brand of perfume I wear.

For some list of perfume brands above, not all perfume refill shops have the above products, like when I am in Bandung, I find very difficult to find Maria Shara Pova perfume brand, there is only one store that sells perfume refill. Like the example of Aigner Too Feminine, sometimes the mas or the mbak who sells her name perfume is only Aigner Feminine (without Too).

The conclusion is, all brands of perfume depending on personality, you must smell the perfume before you buy it, because it could be after you buy the perfume, you do not like the fragrance. Choose according to your character. Do not buy perfume like buying a cat in a sack. Mubadzir later.

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