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7 advantages iPhone than android you should know

Apple vs android If you want to feel a new sensation in using a smartphone. For example before using android now will move using the iPhone, then you should read a lot of articles about the difference between the two.

If previously you use android meet many system not responding, or anfortunately android system has stopped. Whether on the iPhone will meet the same thing. Of course if will find the same thing, why move?

There is another app issue. Are apps on the iPhone free like android? You must really know about this. Do not get after buying the iPhone with an expensive price, still have to buy an application if it will use it It has fallen ketimpa ladder that his name.

But if you look at the researh (research) that android users who migrate to the iPhone will still use the iPhone even until the latest iPhone release many times.

For example, they iPhone 4s users still use it even though the iPhone 6S is 4 generations above it iPhone 4S has come out. Woooow

But that's not enough to make sure it's time to move from android to iPhone, given the average iPhone's average price is high.


This time I will try to outline the difference between android and iPhone. But more to the advantages of the iPhone than the android, because I assume you are an android user who will move to the iPhone and is looking for information about the iPhone.

Be sure the above questions above will be answered in the description below and you will know how the iPhone when compared with android then you will be sure to choose the right choice. Or you will still use android because the iPhone taste is not interesting.

Straight to…

1. Popular Appears Appears First on iPhone and stays free *

If you remember BBM, WhatsApp, then their facebook is an example of a cool app that comes first in iOS is the iPhone operating system.

So ... if the development of the digital world more rapidly will certainly more and more applications that cool-cool later and appear first in the iPhone.

... do you want to miss trying the app for a few months? it's a logical reason to buy an iPhone now.


Anyone know why most apps appear first in iPhone (iOS) before to other operating system?

Briefly, more or less it is caused by several factors namely;

  • First; iOS only carries two types of hardware that is iPhone and iPad. So the programmer will do a little effort for the application can run on all users. The difference is only on screen size only and it's much easier.
  • Second; While android brings a lot of types of hardware. Call it android used by many brands and manufacturers. For that programmer will be a lot of adjusting for the application can run well in various variations of smartphone.
  • Third; More profitable selling apps in appstore (for the results) makes many developers meprioritaskan apple as a partner even though they have to pay a few dollars to be able to sell there. Although when compared with the existing android gap is not so far but if combined with the effort they must do in building applications, IOS was more interesting.

Are apps on iPhone paid or free?

For this question I have actually discussed it in the article whether on the iPhone there is a free app?

You do not have to worry about app issues on iPhone. The app on the iPhone is the same as android which consists of: free, free download and paid.

Free apps on android will be free also on the iPhone, unless the developer adds some exlusive features on the iPhone then the app will be paid.

There are also free app types when downloaded, and in appstore called GET. If you want to download an app with a GET label then you will not be charged for downloading it but there are some features of the application that are locked by the author and to use it you have to pay.

Looks like this is there in android, right?

Then the latter is paid. Of course for this type of application you have to pay a certain amount of rupiah to bias to download and use it. And the average price offered is Rp3000 only. You can read how to buy apps on iPhone without credit card.

Another alternative I usually do is wait every week and hunt for applications that are discounted by apple or even free.

Continue to the advantages of the next android apple ....

2. Design body class and superior materials

Has anyone ever seen his iPhone chasing peeling off, or maybe it looks dull?

Any iPhone series will look different from other smartphones, still look crisp and slightly shiny.

Do not believe it, try searching for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S second ,,, how? Still tantalizing is not it?

Keep in mind that the iPhone 4 came out the first time in 2010, it's been a long time. More Details about the release date of all apple products.

Want to compare with other brand hp of the same age?


The material used is also very superior, metal, and see when I open the iPhone 4s to fix home botton. Bolts, and sockets look precision and are all metal.

3. Long-term hardware and software guarantees

What does it mean ... the advantages of the iPhone compared to android is the guarantee of long-term hardware and software?

Let me explain what it means.

Previously I was an android and iPhone user, so the description below would be quite convincing.

This is a question, answer just be careful if you are android users.
  • Hold how long your hp android?
  • When are you partying to the OS update with your gadget last time?
  • How many times do you want to change your hp because it feels outdated?
  • How many times did you flash your hp or factory reset?
  • How often have you experienced unfortunately error ...?
  • How important is the size of RAM in your gadget?
  • What if you want to change your gadget with another or you want to have 2 gadgets?
  • How good is your root gadget's ability when compared to without root?
That aja deh question, ...

Starch answers vary.

Here's the answer if you're using an iPhone,


iPhone will last very long if it is not accidentally damaged or factory and user error. This is because the materials used are aluminum and glass.

Although many issues iPhone screen easily broken, but once the glass is replaced you will feel like a new iPhone again.

In addition long support has been prepared, the proof his iPhone 4s 5 years ago released still can feel the IOS 9 smoothly *

This simultaneously answers the question of how long the iPhone can survive, the answer ... at least 5 years with the latest software technology. That's if not add on update iOS 10. That means ... if when IOS 10 release and iPhone 4s still support it will be 6th minimum average age of iPhone.

Ahh ... my galaxy young still can be used until now. And galaxy young was released in 2011.

Now can check, what kind of chassingnya? android how many are installed in the gadget? and now google has updated android 5xxx loh ...

Sorry…. galaxy young is not an opponent that is comparable to the iPhone 4S?

Sorry too, but the specs are similar to tuh ... both have 512Mb ram.

Why did it happen?

More or less because apple makes iPhone devices more than what is needed in the market at that time. For example when apple makes iPhone 5S with 64 bit processor architecture 2 years ago. Actually there was no usefulness about 64 bit architecture. Many comments to what a phone has 64Bit architecture.

And lately the new warm how the 64 bit architecture can be needed in advanced devices, and iPhone 5s will still exist 5 or 6 years ahead. Fortunate for the iPhone 5S buyers when it was released a few years ago.


The point of partying here is the OS update. OS updates on the iPhone usually occur once a year, and small updates are usually 2 weeks.

And you should know, the update can be done without a computer (check: How to Update iOS 8 without PC (computer)). Rich download apps.

I am very happy to update, for example yesterday after iOS 9 iPhone update i have problem that is very difficult to receive cellular signal and share wifi, then one week after apple release small update and problem finish.

What is the size of the update? less than 100MB exactly 31, xx MB.


In the iPhone never feel left out, you can sit together with those who have the latest iPhone and even iPhone 6S. And 90% app will be compatible except for iPad app and iPhono 6S's 3D touch feature.


On the iPhone the term flash is rare, unless the user wants to downgrade or restore iOS after in jailbreak (root). And it will indeed delete all files and apps on the iPhone.

However it will recover once the account and apple ID are entered. All apps will return if desired.

Google can also ....

That's right, but do lots of people do it?

... somehow many people when I asked, never did it for the android device they have.

... but on the iPhone, they will involuntarily do that.


Nutup own application on the iPhone also happens, but it usually happens if IOS is used is the restore of the old iPhone. Or if between iOS and apliaksi not update.

The intention between iOS and the application does not update is if IOS is used still jadul eg iOS 5 but the application is downloaded from appstore is optimized for iOS 9.

.. And do you know how to solve the application itself nutup on the iPhone is very easy?

yes ... you just need to reset settings without deleting applications and content including photos and videos. Or can read this article: iPhone start slow, force close, error and strange? this is the solution


Ram on the iPhone is not so noticed. Although the ram of iPhone 6 is only 1 Gb, it is enough to rank proudly in the hierarchy of high-end smartphone benchmarks.

Another reason why a small iPhone Ram is like in my article is this: The Reason Why iPhone RAM is small

The Seventh:

If on the iPhone, for example you want to replace the old iPhone with a new one, you can move the soul (iOS along with settings) to the latest iPhone without any loss. Even though the iPhone is not sma. For example iPhone old iPhone 4S and iPhone 6.

You just need to reset the settings to make iOS work normally.

It's easy on android to have more than one gadget with one account-even in iPhone, you can have more than one gadget with one account. And even you can share in buying apps with family sahring or gift.


Root in android in my opinion is not much different from without root (my judgment as a layman).

... But different if you do root (jailbreak) on the iPhone there are many things you can do and it is unexpected. Check out the video below for 100 things you can do with jailbreak iPhone.

Oh, yes…. this video was created when iOS is still a very old version, so I do not know if the video was made now, it might be even better.
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